Public Participation

Need a program speaker for your college, church, business, chamber, civic, or neighborhood group meeting?Get Involved

  • Request a speaker for your meeting to discuss transportation issues
  • Attend RPO public meetings
  • Request to be placed on the RPOs contact list
  • Participate in RPO transportation studies or surveys
  • Write, call, phone, e-mail or visit us to express your opinions, desires or concerns

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The North Central RPO provides a regional forums for transportation decisions among local governments and transportation agencies. The RTPO’s transportation planning process brings roughly $50 million annually in federal and state gas tax dollars for our 6-county regions transportation system. Roads, transit, van pools, bicycle and pedestrian facilities are all essential parts of a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system.

Ask for a Regional Transportation presentation to learn how the transportation system can make your community a better place to live, work, breathe and play. Please contact the North Central RPO at 814-773-3162  to schedule your presentation.

Public forums, public meetings and special presentations are periodically arranged for select and interested civic groups. Meeting announcements are publicized in the Bradford Era, Clearfield Progress, Potter Leader Enterprise, DuBois-Courier Express, Punxsutawney Spirit, Kane Republican, Ridgway Record, St. Marys Daily Press, and aired on local radio stations.

The North Central RPO utilizes seven objectives that are included in its Public Participation Plan to assist in providing consistent public participation opportunities for ALL our communities in the development of its short and long-range transportation plans and programs.  The seven objectives are as follows:

  • Objective 1: Present the public with a means for input, and be responsive to such input
  • Objective 2: Document any input and any follow-ups and results of that input.  Make results publicly available
  • Objective 3: Raise the level of understanding of the transportation planning process throughout the region through various public outreach activities
  • Objective 4: Maintain contact with “interested parties” and key stakeholders throughout the transportation planning process
  • Objective 5: Inform and educate planning committee members, County Commissioners and advisory groups regarding the RPO’s programs
  • Objective 6: Determine a procedure and performance metrics for evaluating the RPO’s responsiveness to public participation
  • Objective 7: Seek out and consider the needs of “interested parties” and those traditionally underserved by the existing transportation systems
Public Participation Plan PDF
Limited English Proficiency Plan PDF
Title VI Plan PDF
North Central Complaint Procedures PDF
North Central Nondiscrimination Complaint Form LINK