Planning Committee

Planning Overview:

The North Central Pennsylvania regional transportation system, with its vast network of roads and bridges, bus routes, airports, rail lines and bicycle lanes, forms the backbone of our region. Coordinated planning of that system is critical to the continued growth of our local and regional economies. The coordination of Transportation, Land Use and Economic Development planning is also important to ensure that our system is maintained and efficiently managed to handle future traffic congestion as a result of our economic growth and development, and that it grows in a way that is sensitive to our region’s natural and community resources.

Committee Information:

North Central has established the Rural Transportation Planning Committee to act as the authority on all regional transportation planning activities. The Committee consists of the county planners from the six-county region; representatives from PennDOT Districts 2-0, 10-0 and central office; public transit; aviation; and rail; as well as local community groups with an interest in transportation and economic development throughout the region.

Overall, the committee is charged with establishing policy and prioritizing all major capital projects throughout the region in accordance with the guiding principles for planning and programming, as well as developing the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the Region’s Long Range Plan, and conducting proactive public participation and environmental justice activities to meet or surpass the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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