Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

LTAP is designed to help Pennsylvania municipalities make the best use of their maintenance dollars. LTAP provides technical information  and proven technologies dealing with roadway maintenance and safety methods to meet the growing needs of municipal governments.  Officials and managers in Pennsylvania’s municipal governments are responsible for maintaining about 68,000 miles of roadway.    Construction and care of roads and streets account for an average of 32% of municipal budgets.   The LTAP Roads Scholar courses teach municipalities how to stretch those budgets, proving information that squeezes the most out of the dollars invested.    Courses are conducted by LTAP technology transfer specialists who are well versed in the latest development and technology and possess extensive knowledge of road and street maintenance and safety. (Source)

LTAP class


Training takes many forms and is offered at little or no cost to municipalities.  To see what what training opportunities are happening in your area visit PennDOTs new online web application

Registration can be made by contacting North Central at (814) 772-7045 (ATTN: Barry) or you may register online at



LTAP staff and instructors are available by Phone, email and in person to help municipalities troubleshoot specific maintenance and safety problems on their roadways.



LTAP Newsletters are distributed to each municipality. The newsletter covers new programs, practices, technologies, legislation, reminders and money-saving tips applicable to municipal maintenance and safety efforts.