Active Transportation

The USDOT provides stewardship and guidance at the national level, while state and local transportation agencies such as the North Central RPO are the critical links to an efficient and safe transportation network. MPO/RPOs as well as local governmental agencies are responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining Pennsylvania’s infrastructure. As such, bicycle and pedestrian policies and practices at the state and local levels have the greatest impact on safe transportation connections for all users.

North Central Regional Greenways & Active Transportation Plan

The 2022 Regional Greenways and Active Transportation Plan aims to address interconnectivity among resources within the region. The solution will conserve natural resources and the unique character in the area while improving the quality of life by connecting local population centers to natural areas and cultural, historic, and recreational resources. These improvements will benefit residents of the six counties and draw in visitors from surrounding areas.

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PennDOT’s 2021 Transportation Alternative Set-Aside

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In December 2015, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act was passed, renaming the previous TAP to the Set-Aside of the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program. For clarity, the program is referred to as the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside or TA Set-Aside. 
Other than the name change, the TA Set-Aside is largely unchanged from the previous TAP. One notable change is that nonprofit organizations that oversee the administration of local transportation safety programs are now eligible project sponsors.

As part of the 2021 Statewide TA Set-Aside application process, the project sponsor must meet with staff from their Planning Partner and their PennDOT District to discuss the project. 
To initiate the process, project sponsors should contact their Planning Partner and PennDOT District staff before developing and submitting an application. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to contact their respective Planning Partner and PennDOT District early in the process to allow adequate time to coordinate an acceptable meeting time.

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2016 TAC Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy Study PDF